EverWoods is not your average wood supplies business and custom wood decor business.  When we say that we are 'All Things Wood', we mean it.

Trees are Beautiful Creatures

Nature speaks for itself.  Gravity, relative light exposure, amount of moisture, and soil type and soil fertility collectively dictates the shape and size that any individual tree becomes.  Trees optimize their ability to oppose gravity whilst maximizing access to light, water, and nutrients.

The beauty of trees is the infinite ways in which they function to do this, as expressed by their continually additive and changing form.

Capturing Nature's Essence

At EverWoods, we take an informed ecological, regenerative, and simplistic approach to source, process, market, and ultimately manage the truly renewable resource that we know as 'trees'.   So we're not your average sawmilling operation, and we continuously strive for quality, not quantity.

We strive to understand -- really understand -- trees and their natural function and purposes on this earth, and once we were able to do that we began to holistically integrate our values, plans, and activities of EverWoods with those of our affiliated land-based company, SilvaTerra Farms.

In doing so, not only do we work to produce artisanal products for a high diversity of wood-use markets and end-users, but we take pride to express what we know and appreciate about trees, both individually and collectively, in articulate ways that have often been overlooked in the past. 

Why We do What We Do

This takes us to why we do what we do at EverWoods.  If we can acquire tree parts responsibly in ways that result in either no net loss, or better yet, in net gains of tree cover and their function to provide so many ecological services, then we can truly be regenerative and restorative in an industry that often and typically is criticized for doing ecological damage and harm:

  • We seek opportunities to acquire trees and tree parts from actions where trees either already have or will soon be removed regardless of our involvement -- that is, we 'salvage' tree and tree parts whenever and wherever possible.
  • We work with tree owners and communities to help improve individual tree health for form, disease prevention, and ultimately improved growth and longevity -- that is, we offer proper tree pruning services and tutorials.
  • We commit to plant at least five (5) trees for every tree that we bring into EverWoods milling process, in areas where long term growth and survival of such trees is most likely to occur -- that is, we acquire and/or propagate young trees and plant these in urban and rural environments.  Often and whenever possible, we propagate new trees from seed or scion wood cuttings from the very trees that we acquire for sawing at our mill.

At EverWoods, we firmly believe that it is not worth doing something unless it is aligned with, and fundamental to, our own core and shared values.  As business think-tank and motivator, Simon Sinek, once eloquently stated: "People don't buy what you do, they buy why you do it.". 

Now that you understand the underlying values, convictions and philosophy of EverWoods, we invite you to tour our online resources and see the outcome of our efforts to provide meaningful and unique wood products that truly do justice to the forest systems from which they derive; systems that support all of us in so many ways.

People don’t buy what you do, they buy why you do it.